Petrichor: A poem by Vandana Saxena

You left to accomplish your onus to the nation with pride
Leaving behind your aroma and love for the new bride.

The orange ball rises, piercing the dark skies
But she awaits your return, with those dusky brown eyes

The taste of your last touch, on her fervent lips,
The warmth of your arms sank her in petrichloral dips.

The musk of your embrace is saturated in her breath 
She’ll wait for you until she meets death  

The long wait made her rough, brittle, and dry
Still, she beams with the longing that you’ll return, or at least try

A few pearls dropped soothing the warm dusk
Along with wet kisses settling the hollow dust 

The rains that were seized at the corner of her eye
And the rains that were waiting at the heavenly doors,

Finally, poured out on his startling arrival,
As they waft the soothing aroma again
Of Love and Petrichor!


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