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Jamaal: A poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

बड़ा ही खूबसूरत जग ख़ुदा तूने रचाया है,
हरिक कण में जमाल-ए- नूर अद्भुत सा समाया है !

अरुण, चंदा, सितारे टिमटिमाते से वो अम्बर में,
कहीं सहरा दहकता सा, कहीं झरने वो झर झर से,
टपकती ओस की बूँदें, कहीं कोहरा सा छाया है !
बड़ा ही खूबसूरत...........................................

सुहानी भोर, रातें स्याह, खिलते फूल मधुबन में,
चहकते पंछियों की धुन, विचरते जीव वो वन में,
नजाने रंग कितने भर, जहाँ तूने सजाया है !
बड़ा ही खूबसूरत...........................................

लहरते पेड़, वो डाली, हरित वसुधा, समन्दर वो,
बरफ की चोटियाँ ऊँचीं, कहीं बिखरे से कंकर वो,
पवन बहकी सी चलती है, फिज़ा ने गीत गाया है !
बड़ा ही खूबसूरत...........................................

उमड़ते मेघ सावन में, गरजती दामिनी नभ में,
झनन झन झन बरसती बूँद, बरखा की वो सावन में,
लगे ऐसे धरा पर स्वर्ग जैसे आज आया है !
बड़ा ही खूबसूरत...........................................

हिना हाथों में महकी सी, खनकते हाथ में कंगन,
घटा सा नैन में काजल, पैजनिया पाँव में झन झन,
तूने सोंदर्य की इक मूरत, नारी को बनाया है !
बड़ा ही खूबसूरत........................................…

A tiny flicker: A poem by Munira Dalal

Hope is in the last flicker of the dying candle
As it starts burning again with more brightness to handle

Hopeful is the sunbeam as it passes through a tiny crack in the door
Its light will dispel darkness even though it just touches the floor

Hopeful is the acorn that it will become the mighty oak tree
From being called a tiny nut, it will then be free

Hopeful is the ocean its waves will rise after every fall
Racing to the shore and winning; their forward motion
they won’t stall

Hopeful is the tiny bird as it gathers twigs for its nest
The branches will support her home and let the hatchlings rest

Hopeful are the summer clouds as they search for nimbus in the skies
Rain will bring joy and relief to the weary farmer’s eyes

Hopeful are lofty mountains with their heads held high
Climbers will reach the summit and crown them in the sky

Hopeful in the sky is the disappearing waning moon
After the no moon it will be a full moon soon

Hopeful is the weary sun as it sets every evening
The sunrise that follows …

Hopeful: An article by Khushboo Yadav

Life is a struggle, it is full of ups and downs, successes and failures. Problems are part and parcel of our lives, but problems are not bigger than the strength and determination of human being. Don't get disheartened when miseries come in life. Have unshakable faith and be brave because through every dark night there is a bright day after that.

Hope gives birth to the overcoming life. It always believes for the best even in the worst circumstances. Problems are part and parcel of life, but as there is saying where there is will there is a way.
Have confidence in yourself, optimism is a faith that leads to achievements. Hope inspires us to perform our best, whereas disappointment kills us.
No good books, no spiritual discourse can inspire you until and unless you build your hope. A small candle dispels the dense darkness. Despair not, remember Lord Krishna says in the Gita "To work you have the right, but not to the results."
When the world is full of criminals and sinners,…

Sculpting the Self: A poem by Gomathi Mohan

Be my chisel, keep working on me,
Hopeful of reaching... where I want to be.
Chip away all mental blocks;
Let in fresh thoughts round the clock,
Carve my ears sharper, eyes big and bright,
Listen to truth speak and radiate real light.
Smoothen out creases when I am tense,
Hammer in me some real good sense.
Hone my skills to be meticulous,
Rein me in when you find me frivolous.
Give me a knock when you feel.
That I am going out of the zone in a zeal.
Signs of pride, do away by knapping,
Open me up to forgive by tapping.
Do step back once in a while,
Assess for that missing smile.
Harden me with courage by curing,
In fortitude and virtue may I seek my mooring.
Sponge away all envy and hatred,
Let my faith and trust be sacred.
Polish me till the scars are done,
Colour me in all hues of wisdom.
Chisel in with aesthetics.. sculpt a Real Me,
Be my chisel, keep working on me.

Nazar ka Kamaal: A poem by Gomathi Mohan

अपने अपने नज़रिये और समझ का सवाल है।
वरना जो अंदाज़ दिल को छू ले..वही उसका जमाल है।।

माँ की नज़र में अपना दुलारा दुनिया का नूर है।
प्रेमी के पलकों के साये, वही हसीना-मुमताज़ है।।

पंच भूत की दिव्यता से मुग्ध पृथ्वी है भरपूर।
सावन में हवा के झोंके से थिरकता मदहोश मयूर।।

कण-कण में बस जाती है मनोहर गायक की दिलकश आवाज़।
कोयल के गान में गूंजे या फिर ललित वीणा के मधुर साज़।।

कवि के कलम का है कमाल बेशुमार।
जमाल है स्याही में डूबे निखरकर उभरते हुए विचार।।

समंदर से उमड़ती लहरों की खूबसूरती ।
जैसे सीपी में छिपे, चमकते हुए सुंदर मोती ।।

सूर्य की स्वर्णिम किरणोंं में शानदार से है वो जलती।
और चाँदनी की शीतलता में लीन हो जा बसती ।।

नागिन निशा भी ना डस पाये, रम्य मनोरम पारिजात के तारे।
पंखुड़ियों पे ओस की बूंदें लिए, बगियन में सजे गुल सारे |।

है वो जग में कौन सी लिपि।
जिसके बोल में खूबसूरती नहीं है छिपी।।

नानी के मुसकान भरी लोरियों में, हमें जो सुलाते।
नाना के आखों की उन कहानियों में, जो हमें सहलाते।।

संसार की सारी सुन्दरता, माँ को देख शरमा जाये।
पिता के दिल की मनोहरता, भृमाणड भी कम पड़ जाये।।

जब दिल से पूछा जमाल का किधर …

An ongoing affair: A poem by Gomathi Mohan

I pick the book, put on lamp settling down in a cosy posture, 

Coffee perching precariously, glance at title and its author. 

Drizzling rain cadencing on my window, as I feel the book with eyes and fingers, 

Proceed on inside even as on the cover, my sight still lingers.  

With pulsating excitement flooding my heart gently flick  pages, 

Catch glimpses of random paras ornated with words and phrases. 

Hold both ends of book with eyes hovering, open it to a page,

Press my nose softly against it to let the olfactory nerve gauge. 

Inhale deeply till each sense perceives its biblichor, 

Sniffing being an integral part of the entire affair's core. 

Close it, hold close, read the blurb then title over and over again, 

Until I have memorised it like a stranger met on a night train. 

Flip to the first page, let eyes get used to its style and font, 

I am not going to read it the same way again even if I want. 

Just like two lovers holding their glances for the first time,

Or like moving to a new place, a …

My love: A poem by Lilian Woo

I lie awake with thoughts on my mind
You're in peaceful dream late at night 
I know you understand how I feel
How much I care and love you

I lay next to you in the dark
You're part of me in my heart
You've filled the emptiness in my life
You're my heartthrob, bright and wise

My love for you is a lovely poetry
A romance covering a beautiful story
Love song with a harmonious melody 
You're my love, the one and only

Each time when I slip into your dreams
My emotion flows like a stream
Those splendorous moments I adore
With your presence, I feel secure 

Your essence scintillates my soul
Momentous moments I behold 
Eternal flame burning in my mind
You're the seasons of my life.

O my sweet love: A poem by Balveen Kaur Cheema

Oceans away am I, O my sweet love, sweet love My thoughts fleet through wintry mists to touch you, my love The grieving heart laments for a whiff of your scent, my love
Oceans away am I, O my sweet love, sweet love My pulse stops as I dial to hear your deep voice, my love Our spirits blissfully unite in that fleeting moment, my love
Oceans away am I, O my sweet love, sweet love For days I blush before prying eyes in wait of you, my love Glowing crimson with hope that distances will melt, my love
Oceans away am I, O my sweet love, sweet love I wait to muzzle against your protective shoulders, my love  None else I desire than your balmy words in my ears, my love
Oceans away am I, O my sweet love, sweet love When I walk in  the parks, I inhale your breath, my love When I travel in a crowd, I cling to your soul, my love
Oceans away am I, O my sweet love, sweet love Tread back to your home bereft of its lord, my love The gnawing silence is wrapping me tenaciously, my love
Oceans away am I, O my sweet love, …

My love: A poem by Munira Dalal

My Love is someone to whom my life I owe
In my veins, her blood does actually flow

Just a humble attempt to show gratitude momma
I pen my thoughts and dedicate them to you dear Mama

The essence of your being is unconditional love
As deep and fathomless as the seas; limitless as the sky

You loved me the moment my heart was beating in a
Nine months close to you secure in your womb

Your warmth and energy is like the mighty sun
Gently caressing and nurturing all life; hatred towards

The stupendous strength of mighty mountains is in you
Life’s crisis and strifes always found you rooted with glue

In times of despair and dejection, you always encouraged
My rainbow you are; in you all hopes and promises I see

Needless to say, when life was too unbearable and
You always gave me shade as a tree to a traveller weary

Forgiveness, compassion, and patience you abundantly
You are a garden always in bloom with fragrant flowers

The strifes and struggles have begun on yourself to show
With your…