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Karo har zid ka Visarjan: A poem by Balika Sengupta

****करो हर जिद का विसर्जन ***** *********************************
दीवारों दरख्‍त,ताजों तख्‍त, दरकते,छिटकते,बिखरते, रिश्‍ते, मासूम दिलों की जमीन हुई बड़ी सख्‍त लौटे न वो गुजरा जमाना, हाय कम्बख्त, एहसासों के आदान-प्रदान की गुजारिशें,रह गयी परित्यक्त बंद दरवाजों की तासीरें कर रहीं थीं,तमाम कहानियां, व्‍यक्‍त… भूतकाल के धुएं,परछाईयां,कसमसाकर रह गयी थी अव्‍यक्‍त कहां कहां से हटाएं जंग,या तोड़े ताले,लगे पड़े थे, “गलतफहमियों वाले” वक्‍त के जाले, कौन कहाँ से आकर,वापस,यादों,दर्दों की, कब्रें खोदकर निकाले,पायें हकीकत, किसी को कहां पड़ी है अब, कौन रह गया है बैठा, प्रेम के धागे तोड़कर,गांठ,जो पड़ी थी बरसों पहले, सभी जो मन आए, सोचे, समझें, बुझे पड़े बैठे, हजारों, लाखों, सवाल, गलतफहमियां , कहते, क्‍यों? मुझे ही क्‍यों समझना, सीखना? किसकी क्‍या मजाल, क्‍या जुर्रत? ‘’मै’’‘’मै’’के इस मकड़जाल में,मै ही क्‍यों निकलूं फुर्सत? ये अतीत,चीख-चीख,क्‍यों रहा पुकार,क्‍या कर रहा अभिव्‍यक्‍त? अतीत के,अब रह गए,ठूंठ पेड़ की,कहां गई वो छांव, वो हरियाली क्‍यों रह गया वर्तमान चीथड़े में,पड़े थक्‍के रक्‍तरंजित, भविष्‍य के जड़ों क…

Nayi Saans Nayi aas: ka prakash, naya prakash: A poem by Balika Sengupta

***नयी सांस नयी आस :का विश्वास, नया प्रकाश *** ******************************************** सुन लो बंधु पल पल प्रति क्षण आज नव प्रकाश से उल्लासित आलोकित मन नवीन गाथाओं से होगा आच्छादित नित नव सुगंध से हो सुवासित नव आकांक्षाएं खिल खिलकर पल्लवित गढेंगी एक और काल क्रम की कहानी रे आज पुनः आशाओं के दीप जल उठे जग उठा जोश दौड़ पडा़ रगों में अटल अचल अविरल अनवरत हो अडिग अनंत अनंतर चलने की रवानी रे कि आज निखर निखर कर विस्तारित प्राणों का प्रतिबिंब दृश्यमान हो क्या खूब.. अमर बन पडा निशानी रे मृदु मृदुल स्मित हास परिहास के आभास का संगम बनी पुकारती हर आकुल कंठ की वाणी रे ये किस रेत पर देखो धूप सा सोना चमक रहा मौसम मौसम पनघट चुमे, गली गली गांव गांव झूमें आज आंगुतक इस नव बेला में बहती नदियां कल कल करती बोल पड़ी कानों में चहकती आओ पथिकों मेरे तीरे तनिक तो सुस्ताओ धरकर धीरज धीरे कि आज मीश्री सी हो गयी मीठी मेरी स्तोत्र का पानी रे हर आंखों की चमक खुद कर रही बयां

Self-Reliance: A poem by Khushboo Yadav

We came into this world alone.
With help of parents and teachers, we are fully grown. Mother taught us how to stand on our feet. The teacher taught us to learn from a mistake and don't repeat.
Bird teaches its young how to fly. She leaves it alone to fly above in the sky. With self-confidence comes self-reliance. You have to prove yourself when you are given chance.
Even God helps those who help themselves. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. You are all alone in your journey. With faith in your heart, you can write your destiny.
Self-Reliance is the magic when no one believes you. If you march ahead with faith God will rescue you. So don't depend on others stand on our own feet. With faith every hardship alone you can defeat.

Time to Change: A poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

Time has come to bring a change here, To eradicate all envy, violence, and fear, Alas! All around there is war and fight, There is a need to enlighten a peaceful light!
O’ hearts have been screaming and bare, The world has forgotten word of care, Every being is living with suffocation, Alas! What has happened to God’s creation!
There is a need to throw away all the weapons, And to create here blissful heaven, Spreading a melody in every corner, To fill the lives with joy and cheer!
O’ world is following the path of myth, For the heights of sins, all have forgotten the truth, A fire of revenge burning inside, Everyone is trying to break the bonds and divide!
There is really a need to get united together, To write a new story with new chapters, O’ this world is a beautiful creation of lord, Let us not make it a violent river of blood!
That power is

The beauty of Self-reliance: A poem by William Warigon

When Lilly lost her eyes From ritualists' heartless knife that day She still sought  to rise  Now, a World Writer celebrated today 
One woman, widowed with weeny kids She struggled through the cruel rat race  Scrimped a niche, many odds she beats Alas, now an artist with art that pays 
I am without two hands, and 'am legless  Yet, I do rise above my circumstance  Rely on myself, headlong all days I face  Too proud to beg, I dance with any chance 
Like the phoenix, you can arise too This sky tempts like a wanton wench  Take a chance, be a self-reliant you Fly like an eagle above success' range.

Pride: A poem by Vasumathi Arvind

‘It’s a girl’,’it’s a girl ‘, were the shouts of cheer That pierced through the anxious silence of the waiting room like a spear! ‘She is so pretty, she is so fair,’ she heard them say, Words that made her preen and wriggle even in the crib where she lay! Curls and frills grew into locks and lace, Her gait and stature so full of grace; Yet there was a gleam in her eyes That she was supreme, ‘it is me and I’. Sneers and jeers became a way with her, Oh, where were the sweet smiles and warmth that was her? She preened and strutted with an invisible crown ‘I, me and myself‘, a condescending glance and a frown; Surrounded by her admirers she walked with her head in the clouds Until one day, her ‘friends ‘ saw through her and vowed Here was a vain, selfish human without values humane, They dropped her like a hot brick, to wallow in pain. She was badly shaken, our sweet maiden, Lonely and bitter, her heart with despair laden She realized that her ride to the moon was over in a trice, Her pride had brought her …

Pride: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

They say 'Pride goes before a fall' This is known to one and all
Pride has a different dimension
When it comes to mother and child relation A mother's little world is lit up with pride
With the arrival of her sweet little child
Without caring at all for her own gain
She raises him up with care and pain The canvas of her life becomes colorful
With love, joy, and blessings so beautiful
When her child ventures into a bigger world
She feels proud as his future unfurled Encouraging him to pursue his dream
She plants in him the seed of self-esteem
When her child stands strong, tall and tough
Contented, her soul is drenched with pride enough. Though proud, yet a mother is never haughty
Her spirit is ever filled with modesty
No one should demean a mother's pride
As with this pride, only she can raise her child.

Time for change: A poem by Sujata Chatterjee

Man is mortal, celestial bodies are eternal That's why the change we fear Even the earth and the moon, revolve and rotate Brings the day and night so clear.
Seasons change and summer sun shimmers Then the relief is brought by the rain The snowy mornings come and go And the spring which brushes away the pain.
An infant grows into a toddler, a toddler into a child, A child is the father of the man How love  helps the kids to grow To be the change, we can.
The sand clock standing on the mantlepiece Shows the change of time in a day From morn to eve, and dusk to dark The Grandfather's clock justs ticks away.
We saw the generation where ladies in sarees We saw the girls in Indian attire The western dresses now women wear The men call them objects of desire.
So time to change, Be the change Never feel the urge for a strife No use fighting and fearing it Accept the change as a way of life

My pride: A poem by William Warigon

I am the African lion king
Others chorus when I sing 
I am the proud emperor of the Savannah
I swish, swag and strut like bougainvillea

My cubs,  precociously precious 
Like me are bastion so audacious 
They wear the crown of my pride 
With the panache that I do ride 

When I roar, the vast Savannah trembles 
I'm summer storm's thundering rumbles 
I am the master all that I survey 
None dare disobey what I convey 

I am the proud progenitor of future pride
Having the best of lionesses as my brides
I define awesomeness like the Jupiter
Apt to crush to powder any competitor 

My lion pride is my very pride 
My majestic might must glide
As a testament to my proud root
I am proud of my pride, to boot

Time for change: A poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

Where are you right now?  Are you smitten by disappointments? Are you drowning in a pool of frustrations and resentments? Do you feel slowly being buried by pressures of life? If so, time for change, time to pick yourself up.
What if we fail?  Failure is not in the fall It's allowing our fall to keep us down and control Look into the future with hope and expectation Time for change, prepare your mind for better reformation.
Victory is maintained and achieved by those who keep trying Today, you may not be what you hope of becoming One key to your dream, a determination not to quit Opportunity comes more than once if you look for it.
Don't get wrapped up in the negative with futility Drag out the ghosts of bygone experiences, decide your destiny Defeats are not dead ends but stepping stones Only through change would motivate, lead you to right directions.
Move onward, nothing can be done by bungling or fretting It's time for change, get up and start living.

Time for a change: A poem by Gigi Mejri

The world is in motion and so are we Change is our fate
It happens unexpectedly
It occurs all the same, either late or early
Green leaves turn yellow then fall
Roses bloom, wither then die
Youth curbs towards old age then disappear
Change is our lot, we may all of a sudden
Lose the years for which we fiercely fought
Wealth, as well as health flow, then vanish
And change happens all the same Change can be for the good
Bright days as happy as childhood
The spectrum of light on you will zoom
And horizons of good luck
Will widely open their arms to welcome you
your sun will shine after each cloud
And warmth will dethrone chilly days Change is a double-edged weapon
Sometimes on your side, others against you
But always seek change for the best
As it kills monotony and answers your quest

Pride: A poem by Sahjahan Ali Ahmed

"Pride goeth before a fall", known to all
Yes, yet I'm proud sans fear of fall. Proud of Him who has created us all, Given food, clothing and a soul beautiful. Proud of parents who have given me birth And from darkness brought to this earth. I am proud indeed of my motherland  Where I'm brought up with a kind friend. A land whose sweet breeze, water cool, Green grass, fresh flower soothe the soul.
Theologians say, 'of the seven deadly sins, The root of all sins, pride is the deadliest one.' He who thinks himself wise like Solomon Or mightier than God as did think Satan, Or like Pharaoh declares himself the God Must fall for pride into hell- the sinners' abode
Being proud of one's beauty, vigor or wealth, Speaks volumes of one's ill mental health. Sins they are and must deserve downfall, Shunning pride, with humility let's hug all.

A stitch in time saves nine: A story by Abdulrouf Wasiu

Once upon a time, there lived a man, his wife, and their small child in a small hut near the village of gongola, the village is surrounded by wild vegetation that is full of wild lives, no one dares to step out of their living huts due to the harm they might encounter from a one-eyed impala that is terrorizing their peace. 
For years, they are like this, living like a caged bird that is denied of freedom, they dwelt in hunger days upon days, hardly they struggle to find the food for their small baby. 
As time flies, the child grew to the middle of his teens, when his parents were in the position to console him no more, he had already fed up of hardship and torment they were facing, frankly! he was frustrated.  
He had already made up his mind, "even if its do or die, I'll do this.... " he said, he then headed straight to the bush of horror in the hunting of this wired animal that left them in the state of unrest of mind in their countryside. 
To his utmost surprise, a white …

Pride: A poem by Sarala Balachandran

Pride causes one to fall from top to the bottomless pit  as he or she climbed non stop to achieve the first rank with pride Not looking at the less privileged nor giving them a little guidance! She danced with pride like a peacock showing all her colors forgetting God Almighty  In all her achievements making fun of the poor  who wore torn clothes and carried tattered books tying them up with a rubber band when she carried the most expensive fancy bags! She climbed without care but alas!  she found some poor humble children outdid her in every subject studying under streetlights in the shivering cold and fast blowing wind praying to God to help them as they climbed step by step!  She lost faith in herself and turned to God for getting rid of her deep-rooted pride!

Gratitude: A poem by Monika Kapur

With eyes wide open, you fail to see The little blessings that are given to thee. Every morning the sun comes to bless you, And send its light and warmth to caress you. The little mist, a tiny  drizzle of rain, Are worthy enough to take a bagful of pains. The cool zephyr, the lovely rainbow, the glittery horizon, Doesn’t they all make you feel proud of your origin? The twinkling stars of night, the lovely crescent of the moon,  Cause the painters to drench in colors and poets to swoon. The little rhythm inside us, the beating of our heart. Is a reason enough to appreciate life, God’s self-created art? The day and night, the constant change of seasons, The weather, the climate, the waves of the ocean. Let’s pay gratitude to Mother Earth, let’s say a hearty thanks. Let’s pay a little back to it by keeping clean, the air, land and the river banks.