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Baadal: A poem by Akhilendra Tiwari

बादल ,बादल  बन आया था
बादल , बादल बन छाया था
चहुँ ओर बरसकर बादल ने
भारी कोहराम मचाया था
बादल बादल बन लहर गया
अरि मुंण्डो पर वह घहर गया
चहुँ ओर मचा था चीत्कार
अरि की सेना मे थी पुकार
भागो , भागो अब जान बचा
बादल आ पहुँचा समर द्वार
बादल की टाँपों से प्रतिपल
बादल की तड़क तड़कती थी
गज, बाजि, सिपाही मुण्डों पर
बिजली की तरह कड़कती थी
अरि मुंण्डो पर  गज सुंण्डो पर
कब कहा गया कुछ पता नही
चपला की तरह दिखा  पल भर
क्षण मे अदृश्य हो चला मही
खन खन करती तलवारों मे
भालों और ढाल कटारों मे
वह काल रूप , वह महाकाल
करता था समर , हजारों मे
निज टापों से वह नाहर
करता था  रण मे अगवानी
काली का खप्पर भरता था
वह क्रांतिदूत , वह सेनानी

Hunger: A story by Khushboo Yadav

There is a wonderful story of Buddha's life. Once Buddha was telling his pupils a story of one of his previous births. In his regression, he found that he was a bird in a forest in one of his previous births. Once the forest caught fire. There was a tree which was saved on which that bird lived. There came a boa creeping on that tree. It came there and took shelter till the fire had quenched. The bird found that the boa was hungry, it looked very weak. The bird came to that boa and said O'brother please eat me up and appease your hunger. And, finally, the boa ate that bird and appeased its hunger. The little bird sacrificed its life to appease the hunger of that boa out of Compassion.

In our country, there is no shortage of food. Nowadays people carelessly waste food in marriages and parties. Stop wasting food. Have a big heart and share your food with the poor and hungry. Sharing gives you joy, inner peace, and satisfaction. Thousands of children sleep empty-stomach in our cou…

Hunger: An article by Mamta Marwaha

Hunger is a state of mind in which our desires dominate us. There is dissatisfaction with what we have, and this feeling is driven by the thought that happiness lies in possessing or experiencing something currently out of reach. It is often characterized by constant inner restlessness and intense desires. The desires may vary from that for food, warmth or sleep at one end, to the desire for love, social justice or self-improvement at the other. It is this extreme desire that can completely distort one's perspective on reality.

Our collective hunger as human beings has led to widespread depletion and the destruction of our natural resources. The humankind continues to indulge in a rape of the natural world in an effort to increase the standard of material well being.

However, hunger does have a positive aspect too. The restless dissatisfaction that can cause much suffering to an individual, is also the very energy that he or she needs to achieve something
great. It is hunger that dri…

Hunger Games: A poem by Gomathi Mohan

Admire the invincible power you get to wield, Over one sitting in a chilled chamber or toiling in the field.

More we cater to your cravings, more your airs a la' prima donna,   From a humble Miss Muffet burgeoning into a Madonna.

With equal elan keep me twisted  around your fingers, Whetting my appetite as your ravenous pangs linger.

Send me scampering downtown to find for you a bite, Or rustle up in a jiffy, something filling yet light.

Breaking all barriers of epicurean decency, On smelling out a sapid, delectable delicacy.

How I struggle to rein in your esurient urges, Which, with every passing second, by leaps and bounds surges.

All energies, thoughts, time and money I spent for skills to hone, Sapped before your whims, stomach cleaving to my backbone.  

But then, you do puzzle me with an amazing demeanor, How come you vanish on feeding famished and the poor?

As their hearts fill and bless, mouths curving into a smile,    Seeing them saved from inanition, you wait in the wings for a while…

Hide and Seek: A poem by Gomathi Mohan

Where art thou hiding Oh! Compassionate Ocean of Humanity?
Your benevolent smile a rarity, perhaps sealed by lips of animosity.
Aren't you meant to echo in kind words, tolerance, and charity.
Or are you locked up in the citadel of pride, hatred, violence, and vanity?
Grew up listening to your stories of kindness and magnanimity,
Saw your ubiquitous presence in our elders' selfless generosity.
But then you deserted on claustrophobic mushrooming of nuclear families,
For you to appear, we insane strategists have to attend many homilies.
How can you be frozen and blind-folded to inhuman acts getting staged,
Why, the beasts don't spare a baby, minor, sick or aged.
Afraid to face souls in squalor and their heart-rending cries?
Are you hiding in smog that fills both our lungs and skies?
Better still sleeping on river beds, its sands ravaged and mined,
Or in the factories bellowing poison unfiltered, unfined.
Throttled by the greasy palms of those at the helm of affairs,
Heart bleeds to see that…

Humanity: An article by Mamta Marwaha

All sorts of people make up the World. Most are good.
Some better.
Others exceptional.
Being a good human is all about one's character, integrity, honesty, kindness, and moral courage.
More than anything else, it is about how you treat other people. Not only the people who are
above you in hierarchy, stature, and status, but more so the people who may be different in any
respect. It is easier to be good to those people who may reciprocate the gesture some day. It is
another thing to be good to those who may never get a chance to return the goodness. It is also
about doing the right thing even when no one is watching. It all boils down to the kind of human
values you possess. It is not something that you are born with. Human values are borne out of a
sense of responsibility. They are developed as a result of patient and protracted efforts. It is
always a conscious decision to nurture human values. Humane behavior is the only proof of the
presence of Humanity.
End of the day, it' our Humanit…

Humanity: A poem by Khushboo Agarwal

I see humans but no humanity, 
Just selfishness and wickedness can be seen,
No morals and principles, no love, no affection,
So much mean, this world has never been.

No importance of relationships, all feelings gone,
No interest in sharing each other's pains,
All running after only money and fame, 
Each one only focusing on their own gains.

Only evilness and dishonesty all around,
Rich always looking down upon the poor,
No sympathy, no compassion for own mankind,
Even blood relations are now going sore.

People wearing several masks on their faces,
Their real nature cannot be guessed,
Even for fun, entertainment and money,
Humans play with nature, kill animals, cruelty at best.

Trees cut down, green lands turned into barren ones,
Buildings and industries set up, pollution spread everywhere,
For their own benefit, lands are divided, borders made,
Disturbing the balance of earth, land, water, and air.

I see humans but no humanity,
Everything going towards the only destruction,
Only self-realization and ef…

Compassion and humanity: A poem by Lilian Woo

The essentiality of life is generosity and humanity
Be humble and never undermine the virtue of humility
Enrich your personality with honesty and sincerity
An endearing character earns respect and integrity

Help the underprivileged in their humble homes
Your smile and gentle touch of love revives hope
Plant seeds of compassion and let it blooms in your heart
Fill with love and kindness,  let it be touched

Strength comes with the power of unity and understanding
The ability to show true insight is a blessing
Life is lived one day at a time in life true essence
With each step we climb always remain modest, no arrogance

Spread universal peace for everything to be humane
Inspire hopes and confidence, be warm and sane
Sympathetic to pains, miseries, and sufferings
Shower love and care, understand others feelings

The splendor of love motivates human passion
Advocate pristine peace, no shock waves, no discrimination
The capability to bring happiness to humankind is divinity
Compassion and humanity are the huma…