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Love Seeds: A poem by Aabha Vatsa

A dream, naive and flushed with innocence

Yet pure by intent

Waited a while, bursting with hope

To anchor and flourish.
Yet, Providence had other plans

Mysterious and gigantic to the core.

Still, the dream trudged on

Tired, wounded and shaken .
But just as all was seemingly lost

Love arrived magnificently
Carrying in its robes, precious seeds of love.

Heavens showered incessantly

The tantalizing rain of love

For it was love, deep and passionate

That celebrated the culmination of the dream.
The touch, beyond comprehension

A fulfillment of the heart's soulful desire

Engaged lovingly under the fragrant canopy

Stolen Childhood: A poem by Aabha Vatsa

One born to a king
One born to a pauper.
One born to be rocked in the cradle
One born to be left unattended.
One born to play with branded toys
‘one born to play with broken pebbles.
One born to drink fortified milk
One born as suffering from malnutrition.
One born to be driven in imported cars
One born to run on spindly legs.
One born to study in heritage schools
One born to beg at red lights.
One born to eat five-course meals
One born to make do with leftover food.
One born to wear designer clothes

An ode to my father: A poem by Bina Pillai

I can feel you watching us from above,
Here is something I want you to know,
You are special, divine and full of love,
You were my guide and my best friend too!
You worked so hard to reach heights,
And made us all proud.
You came from an educated background,
A real hero in a crowd!
You taught us to be genuine and frank,
And that happiness is not bought from a bank,
I have never seen you crib or worry,
In love with life and never in a hurry!
You have invested so much time in us,
And placed our needs ahead of yours,
You loved adventure, treks, and trails,
That taught us life skills, opened our eyes!
Compassion is what I learned from you,
To help strangers without a cue,
To hold the hand, that needs help,
Even if someone misunderstands!
The friends you had, no one had,
I saw you help them genuinely.
They stood by you through thick and thin,
And you passed on the joy, evidently!
The respect you had for every woman around,
Holding yourself and others, in high regard,
Gave us great lessons in life, when you said

Life and more: A poem by Bina Pillai

Life to me is much more,
Than a big house, car and luxuries,
It’s about changing the world,
With happiness, compassion and peace!

Making a home, not with stone and bricks,
But with love and care in abundance,
Where children are taught to respect and love,
And money and fame are irrelevant!

Money can buy a rocking bed,
But it cannot buy you, sleep,
For that I have to sow my seed,
Only then I can reap!

Our smiles makes a difference,
To a person on the road,
It’s not for selfish happiness,
That we’re brought into this world!

My heart is filled with love for all,
I look around, extend my hand,
Joy and peace is what I get.
Their life becomes better and I can rest!

We live only once; we should live it well.
Honest and genuine, that our eyes can tell.
All things we collect, we can’t take with us,
But our kindness and goodness,
Will definitely go with us!

In the end what matters,
Is not what money had bought,
But from our hearts all that we built
Not what we have, but what we gave!

I like to leave behind a legacy,
That to…