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TIME ~ This Too Shall Pass: A poem by Gomathi Mohan

Time has managed to twist us all earthlings on its little finger,

Right up to the final whistle, our Life-Game is a cliffhanger.

Yet is a given, without its timely run there would be total chaos,

Time has orderly eternized Cosmos's Harmony of Ethos.

First time I heard Time speak, fell for it head over heels,

Its rich baritone voice managed, a teen's heart to steal.

In no time it shattered, cognized SAMAY telling us its kahani,

Was a voiceover done by Harish Bhimani.

From corridors of the school, college to university,

Time whipped us into toeing its line with no pity.

Dread the sight of its hands, on a clock's face sweeping,

Wish gears on its timepiece stopped counting and keeping.

Seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, years go by in precision,

Forcing earthlings and Nature to make the timely decision.

Grow and attain goals within a time-frame to cherish,

Or be left behind in the race, to wilt and perish.

Career-time revealed its bitter sense of humor,

Kept us on tenterhooks, in the midst of the…

‘PROVERBIAL’ TIMES: A poem by Munira Dalal

Time is an enigma, more powerful than mankind
The consciousness of time is the most distinguishing feature of humankind

Life gives us time and space; we have to fill it
Our past, present, and future, complete it bit by bit

Times are not always the same; the grass isn’t always green
Good or bad times don’t last, is what we’ve seen

It’s not enough to run, you must start on time
Procrastination is a thief, he can steal your climb

Time heals wounds; Time is a healer
You have to give time some time, it’s a perfect concealer

There is no hand to catch time; Time flies
Better late than never; tomorrow never dies

An inch of time can’t be bought with an inch of gold
Time is free and priceless; on it, you have no hold

In times of prosperity, friends will be plenty
In times of adversity not one in twenty

Time and tide wait for no man
Seconds, minutes and hours; life is but a span

A stitch in time saves nine
Do your work on time today; make your tomorrow fine

If it’s not your time, you won’t be born
Though dates and t…

Let’s ace the game of time: An article by Vandana Bhasin

Of all the creations of God, time is considered to be most invaluable. So much so that all the other creations are incarcerated by time! Don’t you agree?
Let me illuminate.
All living beings, be it humans, animals or plants follow a cycle of life and death. This means that our existence is time-bound- completely regulated by time.
And the biggest irony is that we don’t even know how much time we have in hand! Not just that; we aren’t even allowed to rewind or fast forward time!
Would I be able to witness the splendor of tomorrow or pursue my plans? I do not know.
I might have squandered my entire today or even weeks, months or years in planning for my life in the next couple of days or years, but there is no assurance that I will reap the fruits of my plans.
So is it really worth the stress, anxiety, and burden of guilt and angst?
Is it really worth expending the balance in my account of the time when I know there is no overdraw permitted?
Shouldn’t I live every moment experiencing the grande…

Holi/Faagun: A Hindi Poem by Shailendra Kumar Singh

होली/फागुन ।
बहती मदहोश, लहराती ये बयार है , गुनगुनाते फागुन का यह  मनुहार है ।।
फूलों के घू॑घट उठ रहे हैं धीरे धीरे, रंग मे॑ सजने को हर मन तैयार है ।।
हर दिल गायेगा एक पपीहे की तरह , हर ओर अब बस  सतरंगे आसार है॑ ।। 
पर्दा तोड़ेगी हर जान आज के दिन , खुलके गले मिलने॑ को हर इक तैयार है ।।
लहराती सरसो॑ ,और वो गाती कोयल , आमो॑ मे॑ मोजर , नये को॑पल की पुकार है ।।
फिजा॑ की रंगीनी मे॑ सज उठे झूले सब , मचले इन्द्र धनुष , मोरो॑ की कतार है ।।
भंग में नहा लेगी ,आज हर बन्दीश , तोड़ देगी शाकल ,यही एक इजहार  है ।।
आज ना रह पायेगा कोई शख्श तन्हा , गुलाल औ अबीर की बोलती बहार है ।।
छोटे से बड़े ,अमीर औ गरीब का  , दायरा छोड़ने का बस आज  स॑स्कार है ।।
ना जात है ना ,नस्ल ,ना मजहब की दीवार , बस खुशी मे॑ नाचने का आज त्योहार है ।।
आज नफरत कही॑ दूर चली जायेगी , डोलता हर दिल मे॑ प्यार बस प्यार है ।।
फे॑क दो रंजो गम‌, अलविदा नाशादगी  खुल के हंस लो आज तो होली त्योहार है ।।।
शैलेन्द्र शैलेन्द्र।। शैलेन्द्र कुमार सि॑ह ।

The Advent of Spring: A poem by Alka Panda

With the arrival of spring,
The manifest warmth of sunshine is striking,
Delineating the end of winter,
Proceeding the sunny summer.
Vista of the pleasant morning,
Soothing noon and calm evening,
Birds are singing,
And the winds are refreshing.
One can trace your presence,
When flowers bloom furnishing their fragrance,
The resurrection of ideas emerge,
Rejuvenating the aspirants of life.
Your companionship everywhere,
On contemplation, reflects the alluring nature,
The days of spring are prolonged,
To renew one's mind.
Trees shed their leaves,
For their regrowth, bearing fruits,
Roses, lilacs, and tulips hanging in trees,
Fabricating dynamite panoramas.
You being the metaphor for a better beginning,
Advocates broadminded thinking,
Which will stimulate the world,
With a new change for a cause is good.
Beings on earth are awaiting,
To show their grand welcoming,
Desiring for you to bring smiles,
That will make their journey for miles.

Spring: A poem by Dred Nyuwem

Just as winter leaves in goodbye steps Ever before summer so does a wooing Here I come, briskly at your doorsteps An enchanter I am, of midnight longing. 
Flowers frolic in the air of my presence Now so alive beneath cherry blossoms Of nature, an eventide of great essence I'm the saving hands that bear no ransom
I hear of your time in dead frosty grips Of your nights and days, he spared not Now dear one, no more window peeps O let me lavish on you the love I've got.
Need I remind you of fabled adulation Of my dexterity in rebirth and regrowth?  I am the emissary of your rejuvenation And resurrection, need I take this oath? 
For I am the spring with eternal bliss I'm the sunshine that bathes your rain I am he that so slays winter with ease I am the suppleness that soothes the pain. 
Spring I am, conventional and temperate Love or hate, I come to you in due seasons Unlike wintertide, I'm one you can relate For I bear upon my wings, many reasons.

Spring: A poem by Sunita Singh

Earth wear yellow mustard flowery attire,
Sweet mood with pleasant thoughts admire.
Falling leaves give way to blooming buds,
Plants evolve diamond with golden studs. 

If autumn brings reason to lament,
Spring comes to say, "hey! stop, I from heaven sent."
To rejuvenate your faith in life once again,
To teach how to handle both, loss and gain.

Tulip, Orchid, Lily, Rose, and Daffodils,
Capture heart and fragrance fills,
The breeze coming from snowy hills,
Chills the season, bring some thrills.

All the winter, seeds, roots and fruit stones,
Locked by Frost in silent mone,
To shoot again when spring comes,
Then vibrant look of land welcomes. 

Bright Emerald green gown with floral prints,
Trees wear in dancing Breeze give optimistic hints,
Birds chirp at the scent of mango trees,
Sun rays gradually warm the breeze.

Dense fog wither and clear blue sky glow,
In woods, Cherry hung on trees with snow.
The lesson we learn from the spring season,
To bloom again and rise after fall- recession.

Springtime Ensemble: A poem by Gomathi Mohan

Robins, thrush's dawn chorus, harbingers of Spring
Crocuses unfurl their clusters adding hues to Nature's zing.   
Springtime prances in with  flamboyance,   
Soothing frazzled nerves of denizens.  
Ushers in new life, springs on us surprises,
When Earth tilts towards the Sun, and it makes early rises.   
In the meantime together they spin magic for the eye, 
Unwilling to let go, both bid a late, half-hearted goodbye.   
Their love melts snow and ice for rivers to swell with pride, 
Animals feel the warmth and venture out of their hide.  
Dormant seedlings vigorously shake out of their slumber, 
In no time spring up and show, manifold in number. 
The cornucopia of colorful, fresh and lavish spread, 
With a vibrant spring in step, the year marches ahead. 
Sky blesses their affection drenching them with showers, 
Paving the way to bloom in frenzy all hopes, fruits, and flowers.  
Festivals ring in with swings, good tidings, and cheer, 
The message of optimism and prosperity, one gets to hear. 

Life: A poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

A word that could not be understood until today
It has its own style and its own way
So many definitions, so many meanings it beholds
Life is a story that is totally untold!

Some call it a journey that moves on always
For some, it is an examination we have to cross
For some, it is a melodious song of happiness 
For some, it is a mourning cry of sorrows!

Some consider it a play stage where we all act
For some, it is a mirage of variable effects
A deep ocean with both pebbles and pearls  
Life is a myriad of variable hues and colors!

For some, it is blooming bed of flowers
For some, it is a path of thorns however 
For some, it is a struggle every moment
For some, life is to gain some achievement!

For some, life is a riddle unsolved ever
For some, it is a book with hidden chapters
For some, it is a cycle of death and birth 
For some, it is a wheel of pain and mirth!

Whatsoever, life is a wonderful blessing to us
Let us all enjoy it without making a fuss
Let us all get ornamented by this boon
We will cherish th…

Life is what you make it: An article by Vandana Bhasin

I always used to believe that life is a struggle.

It puts us in some challenging role every moment, throwing complex situations at us that lead to uncertainty and indecisiveness. So much so that some events or experiences can even pull down our morale and confidence levels to the extent of guilt and worthlessness. Am I right?

 It’s a typical phenomenon that happens with each one of us at one point or the other.
But what is different is the reaction or receptiveness of each individual.

Most often, we forget that times change, season change and so do our circumstances. And not just that, each situation is learning in itself.

If we comprehend challenges as opportunities rather than problems, then we can overcome any obstacle.

If we start perceiving every failure as a learning experience, it will give us the strength to move on without remorse or apprehension.

If we surrender ourselves to some purpose in life, then life becomes more meaningful.

If we start counting our blessings each day starting…

Born Again: A poem by Gomathi Mohan

Born to doting parents on a chilly winter noon, 
Grew up with four siblings, life was like a boon.  
Then came an abrupt end to all my idle fooling, 
Born again to lessons, as they started my schooling. 

Thought had grown up, now that I was in college, 
Born again to lectures, busy acquiring knowledge. 

Got a job to my relief, set about to make a career, 
Born again despite the whims of bosses every year.      

Married, now that I was grown up, happy to be released, 
Born again, at my new home, with many to be pleased. 

Then came my li'l Angel, happy the cycle had ended, 
Born again as a parent, on us,  she wholly depended. 

Finally put in my papers,  wanting to be an idyll, 
Inner self, however, wanted my passion to unbridle.     

Born again a writer, having found my Muse, 
Loving it every bit, a life I got to choose.

A space of my own where my soul finds repose, 
Penning away as mind dictates,  poetry or prose. 

In and out of stages, born with every role we play, 
Not by finding but creating,  our…

The policy of life: An article by Abiodun Olumide Ogundare

This life is full of mysteries and life itself is a mystery. For what shall we call this; a life so sweet in the beginning and the sweetness stopped almost immediately it started and gave way to bitterness. 
That one enjoys life or not, depends on the side it faces one. For life has many sides. A man could know no grief or want for a long time and in a moment becomes a beggar. And grief, his companion.
Can we say life is partial? Life could be very easy, pleasing, and comforting to some, and on the other hand, it could be so difficult, unpleasing and filled with commotion to others. Life is so unpredictable that a servant today can become a king tomorrow and vice versa. 

Either way life faces, remember to be good and kind unto people. With your wealth, help the needy and in your penury, show some love unto people because life is in stages.

Whichever side life faces you with now, it is only for a moment. Nothing lasts forever in life. When we ceased to exist in life, all that we enjoy from…

Life: A poem by Munira Dalal

Life exists even in a tomb
The little heart beating, in a mother’s womb

The Earth breathes in, life in every seed we sow
  Little wonder from acorns do oak trees grow

    The waters of seas and oceans come and go
Breathing in and out as they touch, and leave the shore

     It's plentiful in the rays of the sun
 Without it, plants would make food none

The soft breeze whispers and lovingly does caress
      And at times howls like a person in duress

    The moon seems to have a life of its own
At times it shrinks and otherwise fully grown

    The stars blink and wink in the sky above
We believe in them live, the departed souls we love

  Life breathes its magic in every bud and flower
Every drop is a blessing when the heavens shower

  Life sleeps peacefully as a caterpillar in a pupa
 The miracle that flies out leaves us in a stupor

   There is life in every breath we breathe in and out
Without which we would not exist, there is no doubt

    Life is so precious, priceless than any treasure
Its magnifice…