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Humility: A poem by Omar Nassar

In life, the humble rarely stumble
When others gamble with life
Instead of setting a good example
For others in society to sample....... Where humility is the temple of virtues
From which all human goodness accrues
And one's happiness daily renews
To peacefully co-exist with others
with different views....... And smoothly ride over the tides of life
Navigating life with the skill to create
in society goodwill
To earn oneself a respectful loving wife
Without a tongue sharp as a knife...... Always ever in the light
Ever humble and polite
Respecting everyone's right
Upright and humanely bright... Ready to carry others burden
However hard life is a hurdle
He toils through thick and thin
And stays humble in his win!

Humility: A poem by Dr. Sudha Subramaniam

Droplets of sweat Oozing from his forehead, Heartbeats pounding, Eyes searching through the smoke, He aimed his revolver At the enemy soldier
As the bullet found its mark, As the enemy staggered and fell; Running forward, holding him close, Tears rolling down his taut face, He looked a picture of sorrow, Foretelling a bleak tomorrow.
Humility had killed pride; But the scars on the heart remained; For an entire community had suffered, Their hospitality betrayed; A humble race that bowed its head, Was lost in the history of bloodshed. Just another pellet In a world losing values select.

Special moments: A poem by Dr. Sudha Subramaniam

Like a figment of imagination Marking a momentous occasion; He stretched out to me, Face mirroring his passion; Holding the young one In the palm of his hands.
My thumbs wound around the tender frame, Alert to the slightest movements; Holding him firm, taking small steps forward; The waters’ edge playing with my garments, Leading me onwards, Trailing the sands.
As endless waves enthralled the calm seas, Golden hues in shimmering shafts shone, Clasping the young ones with loving firmness, I gazed transfixed as the waters flowed on, Gently bent and released the little one To clamber on all fours, Disappear into the beckoning blues.
I had released the radiated turtle From the confines of cared breeding, Into the vastness of the biosphere; Playing a role in heeding The need for conservation of species; An enshrined moment of existence.

A special moment: A story by Vandana Bhasin

Aparna was seated near her window, observing the children racing for their school bus, dressed up in smart uniforms. She reached for her cup of milk and gulped it down her throat so her tongue doesn’t retort.
Aparna! Let’s go beta,” called her mom from the kitchen and Aparna started moving the wheels of her chair, or her chariot as her father called it.
Life hadn’t been easy for Aparna.
She wondered how could people not be grateful for being physically independent. Things like walking, running, driving, being able to see, eat, hear and talk; all that we take for granted, is actually a blessing; an asset that we fail to value.
In fact, she herself had been one among the ungracious crowd until a year ago, when she lost her legs in the accident. She had become lifeless since then, with no interest in people and things around her. She just wanted to feel her legs.
Her parents had been running from pillar to post, consulting every specialist and surgeon but her legs wouldn’t respond to any tre…

Perspectives: A poem by Dr. Rinzin Rinzin

There is no need to make a fuss About judging the world around us For they are just matters of minor differences In our acumen based on knowledge and experiences
There is neither right nor wrong In one’s perspective about any truth strong Thus why be too critical of others’ perspectives For one’s own may at times be defective
Differences among people normally occur Owing to diversities in perspectives to concur Only respecting others’ perspectives does bring about Peace and harmony in societies without doubt
Look at the world with a loving heart Avoid being judgmental that others hurt Newton’s Third Law holds true To our day-to-day life too

Perspectives: A poem by Mousumee Baruah

Everything is temporary, relative
Nothing is permanent, all are tentative
What suits me
May ruin thee
So let discard megalomaniac me.

Life is a long voyage
Depends on how we manage
Ourselves in time of joys and adversity
About relationships and it's various diversity.
Trying to understand others views with clarity

Life is a maiden beautiful
Life is a  sky wonderful
If we are less judgemental
And more wise and unsentimental
And endorse other's potential.

Life is a beautiful painting
Life is a sermon chanting
If perspective is unbiased, not demanding
Life is poetry solemn
Set us free, like monk noble

Friendship 2.0: A poem by Nisha Tandon

I hold a picture in my wrinkled hand
Unconsciously, my tears flow like a restive stream
I make no efforts whatsoever to hold them back 
They continue to trickle down like a molten dream 

The picture is faded... bound to happen with time
But I can recall the beautiful memories every crease beholds 
Memories of an entire lifetime leave me impassioned
Each moment is entwined with interesting stories retold 

Common we shared our interests decades ago 
And common were sprightly youthful dreams
Despite the laughter and differences unknown
Today I relive the timeless journey through these

We may have moved on in our respective lives
But deep down in our hearts we still did crave 
To live the carefree days maybe just one more time and 
To rewind the clock and wished mighty time we could enslave 

Maybe there's someone else holding a faded picture like I do
In some distant corner of the universe 
Let’s reach out and not hesitate to bridge the gap
No matter what it efforts it takes to traverse

Friendship Tree: A poem by Subhashchandra B. Adhav

Friendship is an awesome tree Travellers we, enjoy its fruits absolutely free
Love is an amazing divine seed In life’s journey, it’s the dire need
Underneath concealed emotions, spread of assuring kind roots Promise they assertively future sweet fruits
Mutual trust is the caring stem Lending staunch support is its aim
If we nourish it with affectionate manure Its continuous marvellous growth is for sure
Be you be old, young or teenage Always bears it fresh twigs and foliage
Branches having heartfelt relations and their awesome spread Bear they bloomed delicate flowers, they never fade
When on branches, take shelter, other friendly birds The tree expands its loveable world
Amiable visiting birds make the melodious tweet All friends are gifted with fruits sweet
Cool upright shade, under its thick loyal canopy Such an outstanding, faithful tree makes all happy

Save the last dance for me: A poem by Grace Sitharaman

Oh! Deva, Oh! Siva, Oh! Creator, Oh! Destroyer, From the ocean floor, To the heaven's above, You stomp, you dance, You beckon man, To not write their name on the sand!  You the Lord, you the InfiniAsLte, You are the expanse,  you are abundance, You play in my thoughts, I fail you, I fail to rise!  Oh! Your energies converge, they diverge, they deflect, when I wish to embody your infinite piece I dance the cosmic dance, I reflect you! I collect my Joys, fears, lusts, learnings, Earthquake, Pain, eruption, I am caught in  between, Aligning myself to your hum, Preparing for the cosmic dance  Oh Lord, this time you and me!

Cosmic Dance: A poem by Jellie N.Wyckelsma

We know the Universe is in perpetual motion; A place where creation and destruction go hand in hand. Where new stars are born every day, while others die; Exploding, never to be seen again. Big Bangs and Black Holes also baffle us now and then.
Were it not for the incredible vastness of the Universe, We would be derived of many disciplines; Contemplating the Cosmos and its very nature, Or the reason for its existence at all, one could say, Theorising it the scientific, religious and philosophical way.
Throughout the ages wise men juggled with those theories, Claiming they have the only valid explanation of The how and why, by inventing gods and super human beings, Who persuade their followers, as if in a trance, To participate in a true and only Cosmic Dance. Will we ever discover the real truth about the Cosmos, By accepting a religious, scientific or philosophical explanation, Or can we believe in one Creative Force, leaving the mysterious  And magical Universe, simply to our own imagination?

Friendship is forever: A poem by Heera Nawaz

Friends are likable companions that stand resolutely by us, And who remain by our sides constantly, come what may, They live for us, they lie for us, and they even cry for us, While they prove that, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
A friend is someone who likes us irrespective of our colour or creed, And who for our sake will undergo and suffer great pain, Just to see that we are safe comfortable and without troubles, And it is through this pain, that we eventually by default gain.
A friend is someone whom we can believe and instinctively trust, And stands by us, making us staunch, proud and strong,  A person who can without jealousy laud our achievements,  While seeing that we never go haywire, tempted or wrong.
A friend is someone who we can let our hair down with, And have a lot of merriment, joy, cheer, goodwill, and fun, And it is someone who will risk their precious lives for us, While shouting out loudly from the mountain top, “You are the one!”
Friendship is a beautiful picture postcard…

Friendship...: A poem by Sheela S. Iyer

Friendship is a beautiful feeling with an emotional bond There are no secrets among friends, it’s an open book and beyond. A relationship, most pure and special A relationship that does not need any certificate or medal.
One cannot define love for friends, it’s a different connection One cannot even explain how dear friendship is, it’s about genuine affection. Friendship says “don’t ask for time, but give your time” Friendship says “I will walk and be beside you anytime.
Root of friendship is to Forgive and forget Root of friendship is to connect and respect. Say thanks “if you really mean it” Say sorry“if you really feel it”.
Friendship is not a trend to end with passing years and age It is a book with memories and stories written on every page. Friendship does not need any kind of promotion It is built on trust and emotion.
Friendship is like a beautiful flower in the garden This relationship has the power to quickly wrap fights with a pardon. Even a high tide can’t sink this ship This is a strong bo…

Saawan: A poem by Nisha Tandon

सावन की पहली मधुर फुहार में हर दरख्त पर पत्ते लग गए हैं हरे भरे 
आख़िरी साँस ले रही थी प्यासी धरती उसको जैसे जीवन नया मिले 

सूरज की पहली किरण पड़ते ही मानो बदल रहा प्रकृति का रूप  
कहीं बिखरी है शीतल छाया कहीं फैल रही है स्वर्णिम धूप 

भोर होते ही डार डार पर चहचहाने लगते है प्रेमी पंछी 
कोई गाए गीत मिलन के कोई बजा रहा कान्हा की बंसी

गीत सुरीले उनके सुनते ही घुल गया जैसे कानों में शहद 
मोर मोरनी नाचे बन में छोड़ मन की हर जद्दोजहद 

दिल में है तमन्ना जागी फूलों के झूलों पर ऊँची आज पींग भरें 
मन इतराए कभी तन इतराए जिस लम्हे अपनें पी का कोई ज़िक्र करें 

सावन के रिमझिम मौसम में हर पल बारात निकलती अरमानों की 
सूरज से आँख मिचोली खेलता इंध्रधनुष बढ़ा दे रौनक़ आसमानों की 

स्याह रात के आँचल में चंदा बदरा में इतरा कर लुक छुप जाए 
मस्तानी चाल में चलते चलते राह में मचल के कभी कभी वो रुक जाए 

मेघ बरसे इस तरह कि बूँदों से मन में उमंग की लहर उठे 
ख़याल यही कि इस मौसम से दो दीवानों की दूरी अब कैसे मिटे

बादलों ने गरज गरज के नाम तेरा यूँ पुकार लिया 
तड़प उठी है सावन में ऐसी कि लोक लाज सब त्याग दिया 

दिल मचले अब पिया मिलन क…

Saawan Aayaa Jhoom ke: A poem by Shivesh Shivkumar

कोपाग्नि के संताप से आकुल है ऋतु चक्र
तपन ने आकाशी मेघो को छू लिया घूम के! क्रंदन तपिश में भैरवराग की भवें हुई वक्र  ठिठकी पावस की दुल्हन को लिया चूम के !!
आहत हुये तृषार्त मरीचिका के मृग मरुथल कंक्रीटी बसाहट मेँ जलहीन सरोवर भूम के ! अपनी माटी के ममत्व से वंचित हुआ बचपन पीढियां संस्कारहीन हुई आये फिर पर्व धूम के!!
परिवेश को मत करें विखण्डित उसे संवारें  कण-कण सुवासित क्षण महके द्रूम द्रुम के ! कपासी बादल स्नेह संवलसूत्र मेँ हुये संघनित ऐसे हुये दिलों के मिलन आये बादल झूम के!!
विद्रूपता न बिखरे प्रकृति के सुरम्य प्रसारण मेँ  बून्द बून्द अस्तित्व समेटे सौन्दर्य भाव घूम के ! सहेजना होगा बारिश की खुशियों संजीदगी संग महसूस कर लें आये पावस के नाद चूम के !!
विपदाओं की प्रबल चुनौतियों मेँ संभलना होगा हर एक उत्स धार मेँ पावस गीत उभरे धूम के ! प्रकृति के सुष्मित आनन आनन मेँ मेघमाला आयें स्वागत करें उनका आये बादल झूम के !!

Baarish: A poem by Dr. Charu Kapoor

बारिश की बूँदों में फिर से चेहरा वह नज़र आया छूट गया था पीछे जो कुछ, बिन दस्तक लौट कर आया क्यों बारिश हर बार मुझे उस दहलीज़ पर ले जाती है सीली-सीली यादें क्यों मेरा तन मन भिगो कर जाती हैं उस रोज़ भी ऐसी ही मूसलाधार बरसता हुई कालेज की सीढ़ियों पर जब पहली मुलाकात हुई ऐसा लगा कि बरखा मानो ऐसे ही पड़ती रहे वक्त जैसे थम जाए, धड़कनें यूँ ही बढ़ती रहें आधे सूखे, आधे गीले लम्हों की जैसे सौगात हुई कहने को जब कुछ न था, बस आँखों में ही बात हुई उसी रोज़ से मुलाकातों के सिलसिले शुरू हुए ऐसा लगा बरसों पहले से थे हम मिले हुए मन में बढ़ते तूफानों पर उफान जैसे आने लगा उनसे मिलने के बहाने दिल तलाशने लगा क्या हुआ, एक रोज़ अचानक ऐसे तुम मुँह मोड़ गए आवाज़ बहुत दी, फिर भी तुम मुझे अकेला छोड़ गए हर बार बरसात मुझे फिर उन्हीं सीढ़ियों तक ले जाती है कभी मिलन, कहीं जुदाई, मुझे फिर आईना दिखाती है...

Friendship: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

(This poem is dedicated to my friend whose premature demise several decades ago ..yet I have kept her alive through my poems ...As a tribute to her loving memory every year I dedicate a poem to her ...)
To hide my tears seemingly enjoyed raindrops on my face The downpour was my shield to let tears flow with grace
There was a strong hand on my shoulder, just out of the blue A gentle whisper in my ears “remember, I am there for you!
A friend can see the tears hidden amidst the raindrops His/her ‘s warm hug will let you shed tears till rain stops!
At crossroads or dead-end, is always a true loving friend sunshine or rain, all through the way, till that elusive end.
Family, you are born with, friends you make along the way Friendship is a bond that grows stronger and richer every day!
Childhood friendships make for those true honey-sweet memories The fading sunshine, as things go black n bleak; to bask in its glory!
You came into my life as a soothing balm when I was feeling lost Your care, concern, co…